About Cummins

Egyptian International Motors (EiM) is the only authorized distributor to sell, distribute and service the Cummins products in Egypt. EiM provides a full range of power system solutions for various applications and businesses. These applications diversify from industrial and agriculture use to tourism, health care facilities, poultry, telecommunication, water desalination and treatment stations, petroleum and mining; as well as backup power systems for residential and mission-critical applications such as data centers and power-generating plants.

The company provides a wide range of electrical services, ranging from 17 to 3750kVA (diesel& gas-fuelled) generating sets; in addition to automatic transfer switches (ATS), paralleling switchgear, components, and services in prime and standby power. We also deliver fuel systems, sound-attenuated and weatherproof enclosures, and a complete array of services and solutions, varying from long-term operation and maintenance contracts, remote monitoring systems, turnkey and temporary power solutions to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. All the Cummins main components are manufactured by a single source, dubbed ‘the Power of One’ or ‘the Power of Cummins’. These components include: Engine (Cummins), Alternator (Stamford), Control Panel (PCC), Fuel System, Turbocharger, and Fuel Filtration, ensuring consistency and harmony to eventually satisfy customers.


  • 2006

    EMEA Distributor Performance Award

  • 2008

    EMEA Distributor Performance Award

  • 2009

    Excellent Achievement SSL in Africa

  • 2010

    Outstanding Distributor Performance - Africa

    Cummins Excel Program Silver - Africa

  • 2012

    Cummins Distributor Award

  • 2013

    Sell More, Win More(Best Salesman) - Africa

  • 2014

    Sell More, Win More (Best Salesman)

    Best PowerGen. Sales Performance - Africa (Winner)

  • 2015

    First QSK95 Gen Set Sale - Africa

    Best Distributor Award Africa (Runner Up)

  • 2016

    Best Distributor Award Africa (Runner Up)

    Best Project Execution - Africa

  • 2018

    Largest Genset Order in the History of Egypt for the New Administrative Capital (36 Units of C2000D5 + 3 Unites of C2750D5)