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EIM Energy provides a turnkey project with cutting edge solar energy technology & Products providing consulting, energy auditing service, renewable energy production with various solutions Supported with full technical advice and specification services.

At EIM Energy we take pride in our ability to work diligently with all of our clients and parties to successfully create customized energy solutions that would reduce the dependence on traditional Energy while preserving our Environment.

EIM Energy offer the best tailor-made energy solutions to meet any power requirements with the support from largest international energy companies.

EIM Energy has earned a good reputation for providing the best, most affordable energy solutions for all market segments including industrial, oil & gas, commercial, agricultural, military, telecommunications, marine and residential sectors.

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Applications & Solutions

Net – Metering Solar energy systems (Residential, Industrial & Commercial, etc...)

Net Metering is a System connected with the National Grid in which the owner will have one metering device between the grid and the owner’s solar station, the metering device is capable to count the kWh consumed from the grid by the owner and kWh injected from the owner’s solar station to the grid.

At the end of each month, these two consumptions will be subtracted from one another and the owner just pay for the kWh remaining after subtraction.

A forever source of energy, up to 25 years is secured with a fixed energy price rate.

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Solar Water & Irrigations Pumps Systems

Solar Power Irrigation System becomes nowadays economically feasible and competitive with other sources of energy.

They are Independent from volatile fuel prices and costly and unreliable fuel supplies.

Solar Power Irrigation System Reduces the cost for water pumping in the long run

It has the potential for increasing agricultural income and productivity for 25 years.

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Residential & Central solar water heating systems (Private houses, Factories, hospitals, schools, etc…)

Water heating is the largest energy consumer for any segment, representing a large percent of total monthly energy billing.

With different solar water heating technologies & products wither the application to be installed in Residential, Factory, hospital, School we will reduce your monthly bill.

Central solar water heating systems is the best solution for industries which have great potential for thermal uses, examples of Industrial Key sectors (Food, Textile, Chemical, etc...)

By harnessing the sun’s free energy we can save a lot of money and reduce annual greenhouse gas emissions

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Hybrid Solutions:

PV Diesel Hybrid Systems allow the owner of the solar station to generate electricity from solar panels and use it in parallel with Generators to operate the loads using smart controller for fuel saving & Operating the generator, this combines the best of both worlds: the convenience of a grid connected system with the extra peace of mind of a diesel generator backup. This means that even during a power blackout, you still have electricity.

We usually use this solution in remote areas which have no source of electricity exist and depends mainly on generators as a power supply.

The best investment in this case is to use both Photovoltaic Modules & Diesel Generators working together as a hybrid solution, it gives both environmental and financial added values.

Small & Mega Scale Energy Storage systems for various applications in remote areas.

No Electricity, No worries!

For your farm house or anything in remoted area we give you a complete solution to light up using our solar energy technology at morning and the stored energy will be used at night.

As well as, we offer a large storage system with lithium battery technology for large appliances.

Morning or night make it all bright.

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