About EIM Turbo

EIM’s pledge to support its clients and its commitment to growth has led to its alliance in Egypt with some of the biggest brands in the field of turbochargers, Filters & Lubricants. These alliances are a prime example of how EIM works creatively and strategically to provide total solutions to its customers at world competitive prices through a wide distribution and servicing network, supervised by qualified technical and specialist engineers.

-We deal with all of big organizations in different business segments such as transportation, agriculture, petroleum, tourism, quarries, mining, electricity and others.

We are the Authorized Agent for

OUR Brands

Honeywell Turbo Technologies, formerly Garrett Engine Boosting Systems, is an American company primarily involved in engineering, development and manufacturing of turbochargers and related forced induction systems. It manufactured turbochargers for railroads and commercial trucks.

Founded: 1936 Visit Website

For almost 50 years now, our name stands for future-oriented charging systems. With our ideas we have always set new milestones in the turbocharger development. These successes are also reflected in the development of our company. Visit Website

Cummins Turbo Technologies (HOLSET)

Holset turbos are made to highly specific standards, not only to deliver the power owners demand, but also to keep Cummins engines performing at top efficiency year after year. With correct parts and regular maintenance, drivers who utilize the 5.9 and 6.7 liter Cummins engines can depend on the performance and efficiency their vehicles were designed to deliver over the long haul. Visit Website

Cummins Filtration (FLEETGUARD)

Cummins Filtration began in 1958 as a single filter production line developed by Cummins Engine Company to meet the high performance requirements of Cummins diesel engines. ... In 1963, the company changed its name to Fleetguard, the brand that became the cornerstone for the diesel engine filtration industry. Visit Website

OUR Oil Supply

Shell oil

EIM became authorized distributor for Shell lubricants in Egypt since 1993.

EIM distributes and sells all types of lubricants & greases for both automotive & industrial machinery usage. In addition to special lube products manufactured specially for EIM under the name of EIM – Shell oil.