About TCM

TCM Forklift has been established in Japan since 1949, it was the first forklift to be manufactured in Japan. It was handmade. EIM has engaged in the TCM forklift truck business as sole agent within our territory since 1991.

TCM has been endeavoring at its best capacity to keep the industry to status of forklifts manufacturer in the world, always responding to various needs as well as ever changing requirements of the customers through a wide range of industrial forklift trucks (1 to 43 tons) (Diesel, Gasoline and Battery) for a multitude of applications: Forklift trucks, forklift attachments, port equipment, steel mill material handling system, marine handling equipment and others.

EIM has managed to create unprecedented, acceptance, in the market and superior customers (support/satisfaction) through comprehensive after delivery services by presenting a complete maintenance system in accordance with the international standards, well-ordered parts supply and through its large distribution network and nation coverage.

TCM has a wide products range as Diesel, LPG, Electric and warehouse.

TCM Family Product Range